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Scout Ambassadors

Scout Ambassadors are committed to raising national awareness of Scouting's invaluable work, helping young people develop skills for life. They help raise our profile, extend our reach and gain influence across the UK.
Chief Scout - Bear Grylls

Chief Scout - Bear Grylls

The Chief Scout provides inspirational leadership to the Scout Movement in the UK. The public face of Scouting, the Chief Scout ensures that we reach as wide an audience as possible.
Chief Scouts are appointed for a five-year tenure.
Bear Grylls was the UK’s youngest Chief Scout when he was appointed aged 34.
As an ex-Special Forces soldier, he is not only known around the world as the host of hit survival TV series, he is also an inspirational speaker, bestselling author and a fervent supporter of young people experiencing adventure for themselves.

‘I feel so honoured to be offered this position, and have always held such admiration for Scouts and all they do around the world. 'The Scouting Movement is a massive force for good, touching many, many young lives. Above all, it gives millions of kids the chance to live and learn about the wild and to experience real adventure.’


Journalist and broadcaster Anita is a familiar face on television, presenting shows  including BBC’s Countryfile.

‘Scouting has a hugely powerful role to play in helping young people, girls as well as boys, develop those all-important life skills. It’s an inspiring organisation that inspires so many.


Helen is a two-time Olympic champion and triple World Champion, winning British women’s rowing’s first ever gold medal at London 2012. ‘I was one of the first females in our Cub Scout Pack. It led to a love of the outdoors and really grew my confidence. The confidence that you gain through Scouting is something that you just can’t buy.’

Warwick Davies

Actor and director Warwick Davis is a film star, well known for his roles in the Star Wars and Harry Potter Series. He’s also a television personality, speaker and writer.

‘I have really fond memories of being a Cub Scout. I was particularly proud of being made a sixer. It was such a proud moment for me. I’m really happy now to encourage others to join, learn skills and have the same positive experience. I am grateful for what Scouting did for me.’


Dwayne Fields is a polar explorer and speaker. He is the first black Briton to reach the North Pole, and only the second black man in the world to achieve this feat. Born in Jamaica, he grew up in Hackney, London. He is a passionate advocate for the outdoors and hopes his achievements will inspire young people in inner cities. Dwayne was awarded the Freedom of the City of London in 2013


Explorer, Scout Ambassador to 1st Pillerton Scout Group

In 2019 Mark will attempt to summit Mount Everest to create the biggest and most extreme classroom on the planet involving 4 MILLION STUDENTS worldwide. Visual Skype COMMUNICATION will link the explorers in real time from the mountain directly into the classrooms worldwide.


Producer and presenter for TV and radio Chris Evans is the current host of the Virgin Radio Breakfast show, and a recent recipient of the Scouting Entrepreneur Challenge Award. 'I love the fact that Scouting has gone international. It's brilliant. When we did it, it was always good, but it was a lot more localised, and it seems to have really come into the 21st century, which I think is really important.'


Adventurer and survival expert Megan has guided people through some of the most extreme environments on Earth. ‘Scouts help children and young adults find alternative ways in life and help them to think outside of the box. I call on others to volunteer a little time to help young people get the best possible start.’


Aged just 13, swimmer Ellie won two golds at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic games and went on to win again at London 2012 and Rio 2016. ‘Young people need positive role  models. They also need a safe, nurturing and supportive environment where they can try new things and not be afraid to fail. Scouting is one of those places.’

Tim Peake

Best known for spending 186 days on the International Space Station (ISS), ESA Astronaut Major Tim Peake is also a former Cub Scout and an advocate of the power of Scouting to help young people develop skills for life.

'Scouting set me on the right path at a young age because I loved the outdoors and I loved adventure. It gave me the opportunity to discover new interests, explore new boundaries and build the confidence to achieve new goals.'


Explorer and former Cub and Scout Ed Stafford is a world record holder for the longest jungle expedition ever undertaken. He is the first man to ever have walked the length of the Amazon River. 'I feel that my love of adventure really came from those first night camps I went on with the Scouts. Getting outdoors was always the best part of Scouting for me.'

Steve Backshall

Naturalist, adventurer and television presenter Steve has travelled the world, and was Scouting’s Cubs100 ambassador in 2016. ‘I got started as a Cub in 1 Bagshot Scout Group and learnt how to work as part of a team, light fires, canoe and much more. So many of the skills that I use on my expeditions now, I learnt at Cubs.’

Julia Bradbury

TV presenter Julia Bradbury is well known for her love of the outdoors and has a passion for adventure 'I've had so many "outdoor adventures" – walking, abseiling, rock climbing, and paragliding to name just some and I can't really pinpoint one amazing moment because each one is thrilling in its own way. The Scouts are brilliant as they really give people those opportunities too to experience adventure. For me, the last one is the best, but the great thing is that there is hopefully another one around the corner to top it!'

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