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Stratford on Avon District Scouts

From brainstorming in the pub to beekeeping

and you thought volunteering for Scouts was only tent building and camp fires!

Volunteer GemmaI work for Severn Trent, in waste water! But I don’t have to wade through it, that’s done by machines.

How did you hear about volunteering for Scouts?

I saw a poster in the Tiddington post office when I was on maternity leave. I’d moved to Tiddington just before I had a little person and I realised I didn’t really know too many people locally. I’d been a scout growing up (and my Dad was a Scout Leader), so it seemed like a natural choice.

Volunteering for fun, fresh air and friends

To kick off our series about Scouts volunteers and the work they do in the Stratford-upon-Avon district, I had a chat with one of our more recent recruits: Bryan joined the Scouts as a Section Assistant in 2019 and his experience shows volunteering is fun and #goodforyou in so many ways.

How did you hear about volunteering for the Scouts?

volunteer bryanI think I mentioned to my wife ‘oh I need to start doing something’ (other than work) and she’d spotted there was a scouting recruitment drive at the Stratford Town Hall in 2019. I’d never volunteered for anything before but I just thought I’d get out of my comfort zone and try something new. And this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

What do you do with the Scouts?

I’m a Section Assistant. I chose this originally as I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but this role suits me down to the ground. I’m very happy to turn up in all kinds of weather…go camping…it’s fantastic.

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